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Octopus-inspired 3D-Printed Surfaces for Underwater Applications

With the help of the company B9Creations, researchers are developing a 3D-printed adhesive skin that provides smart and reversible adhesion in underwater environments. The researchers drew inspiration from nature.

This development offers immense possibilities in areas such as underwater engineering and medical applications. For example, the octopus-inspired skin can be used in the development of underwater adhesives, medical adhesives, underwater construction and marine research. Furthermore, wetsuits and swimming equipment could be improved by it. Opportunities are also opening up in the area of national defense, for example, through the production of underwater robots that can be used for covert operations.

What makes the skin special is its ability to create strong and reversible bonds in underwater environments – a challenge for conventional adhesives. This skin is able to adapt to rough surfaces and enables active grasp and release through a sophisticated sensing system.

The researchers aim to create an underwater adhesive system that incorporates sensory control for autonomous activation and release. This will involve the use of a wearable “glue glove” that incorporates sensors and active adhesive elements in each finger. This innovation enables the manipulation of underwater objects, without prior knowledge of the environment, and opens the door to advanced solutions in both dry and wet environments.

Find out more about B9Creations at b9c.com.

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