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Oman in invests in 3D Printing company Innotech

InnoTech is a company that aims to establish 3D printing in Oman. Now ITHCA Group announced that it has entered into a partnership with the company. ITHCA Group is a state-owned group that invests specifically in modern technologies.

InnoTech became the first company in the Middle East to construct a building using a locally developed 3D printer and local building materials, a significant milestone. The investment allows for the exploration of new solutions and the merging of knowledge and technology to improve the real estate sector.

Saif bin Abdullah Al-Abri, the Senior Director of Investments and Business Development at ITHCA Group, emphasised the group’s intention to invest in InnoTech, which specialises in 3D printing technology. The aim is to revolutionise the industry by deviating from conventional methods.

Al Abri added: “This technology presents various advantages, including the localisation of specialised technicians in real estate development, support workers in the sector, and keeping pace with global technological advancements. By leveraging the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, ITHCA Group aims to contribute to economic growth and expedite project completion.”

Eng. Othman bin Maktoum Al-Mandhari, Founder and CEO of InnoTech, expressed satisfaction with the partnership and investment from ITHCA Group. They look forward to expanding the utilisation of 3D technology in real estate development. Considering that cement is one of the most extensively used materials in construction globally, the field of real estate development faces significant challenges, such as high labour costs and expensive traditional building materials.

“Consequently, there is now a global race to automate this sector. InnoTech has taken on the responsibility of becoming the pioneering company in the Middle East by developing this technology, aiming to become one of the leading companies in the field,” Al-Mandhari added.

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