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Paolo Castelli presents 3D-printed ceramic lamp “Haibu”

At this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, Paolo Castelli Spa presented the 3D-printed ceramic pendant light “Haibu”. This innovative project combines light, 3D printing and the functional versatility of stoneware. The lampshades were produced by WASP with their large-format LDM 3D printers, successfully translating the design concept into a real product.

Paolo Castelli Spa approached WASP with the challenge of translating the idea of an intertwined beehive into a tangible and reproducible product. Computer-aided design was used to create a parametric model optimized for LDM 3D printing, making it possible to realize the original concept in physical form. The ceramic lamps were produced using the WASP 40100 LDM and WASP 3MT LDM large-format LDM 3D printers.

In order to achieve the desired effect and size of the lamps, the developed computer model was pushed to the limits of LDM 3D printing. A large part of the material was completely deposited in the air. As the material is printed and dried, it spontaneously falls back on itself, creating a pattern of slits that allows soft rays of light to pass through. The result is a warm and inviting design that invites you to relax outdoors.

The Haibu pendant light was first presented at the Salone del Mobile 2024 in Milan. According to its designer Vittorio Paradiso, it was an important goal to create a product that is not only innovative, but also sustainable in terms of materials and production. Made entirely of ceramic, the pendant lights are made from natural materials, making them an eco-friendly choice that minimizes environmental impact.

This presentation at the Salone del Mobile underlines the company’s commitment to creating environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing products that combine functionality and elegance. The Haibu pendant lamp is part of the Acquerello collection and is available in two versions: either elongated and conical in shape or lower and wider.

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