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Paradigm 3D relies on Eplus3D’s MPBF technology for aerospace components

The recent installation of Eplus3D‘s state-of-the-art EP-M300 MPBF printer at Paradigm 3D marks an important step in the generalization of 3D printing as a competitive manufacturing process, particularly in the production of certified aerospace components.

This partnership positions Paradigm 3D, a newcomer to digital manufacturing, as a catalyst for global innovation and provides a platform for industries to explore new concepts and drive value-added product innovation.

Paradigm 3D was looking for a 3D printer with leading capabilities and found an ideal match in the EP-M300 from Eplus3D. With an impressive build envelope of 300 × 300 × 450 mm, the printer enables brilliant printing of medium to large and complex parts. In addition, its advanced Metal Powder Bed Fusion (MPBF) technology and precise powder feed guarantees high material utilization, effectively minimizing waste and reducing overall costs. The EP-M300 is designed to meet the stringent quality and reliability standards required for the production of aerospace components, making it a compelling solution for this sector. The EP-M300’s multi-laser capability enables superior speed and efficiency, ensuring reliable and highly productive printing with a variety of metal powders, shortening the manufacturing process.

Feedback from Paradigm 3D emphasizes the transformative effect of the EP-M300:

  • Research and development: the open platform and high material utilization rate enable experimentation with different materials and parameters, supporting advanced research and development initiatives.
  • Production of high-precision parts: The EP-M300’s advanced laser technology ensures consistent accuracy and quality, ideal for production applications.

Paradigm 3D reiterated its commitment to the partnership, saying: “Together we can make a significant impact in the digital manufacturing industry and foster a culture where modern industries recognize and embrace the potential of metal additive manufacturing.” The collaboration between Eplus3D and Paradigm 3D is expected to bring good prospects by combining Eplus3D’s expertise in metal additive manufacturing with Paradigm 3D’s innovative solutions to drive advances in the aerospace industry and promote the adoption of metal additive manufacturing worldwide.

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