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Patent dispute between AnkerMake and Slice Engineering settled

The legal dispute over the alleged patent infringement of a hotend design by 3D printer manufacturer AnkerMake has been settled. The parties have agreed on a confidential settlement.

At the heart of the dispute was the allegation by Slice Engineering, a Florida-based manufacturer specializing in hotends and 3D printing accessories, that AnkerMake had infringed one of Slice Engineering’s patents with the hotend design of its M5C 3D printer. AnkerMake initially denied this.

The underlying patent application US11660810B2 from Slice Engineering describes an “Adaptable high-performance extrusion head for fused filament fabrication systems”. The patent includes details for the optimal thermal separation of the heating and cooling zones of the hotend.

Slice Engineering was pleased with the agreement and AnkerMake’s recognition of the patent strength. According to CEO Dan Barousse, the swift settlement has allowed the company to concentrate fully on its core business again.

Nothing is officially known about the specific terms of the settlement between the parties. In any case, the case is now closed for both sides: Slice Engineering has received financial compensation and AnkerMake can continue selling the M5C series unhindered

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