Home Applications & Case Studies Peel 3D provides detailed 3D model of the cult car Peel P50

Peel 3D provides detailed 3D model of the cult car Peel P50

3D scanner manufacturer Peel 3D has created a highly detailed 3D model of the legendary Peel P50 microcar. In two videos, the company documents the entire process from digitization to printing.

The tiny car from the 1960s was scanned and measured using the hand-held Peel 3 3D scanner. The data material was then processed by Peel 3D into a 3D model ready for printing.

As the videos show, both the complete bodywork and the smallest details of the Peel P50 can be reproduced true to the original. The model was printed using stereolithography printers from Formlabs. Thanks to different resin materials, even the windows are colored.

According to Peel 3D, it is the first fully 3D printable model of the iconic compact car based on real scan data. The company is now making the print data available free of charge. Car enthusiasts and model builders can thus reprint the Peel P50 on a scale of 1:16 at home.

With the digital twin of the mini car, Peel 3D wants to demonstrate the possibilities of modern 3D scanners and printers. According to the company, even historic vehicles can be brought back to life as detailed models. Further scans of classic cars are to follow.

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