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Pelagus 3D and Immensa cooperate for 3D printed spare parts in the maritime and energy sectors

Pelagus 3D, a joint venture between thyssenkrupp and Wilhelmsen, has announced a strategic collaboration with Immensa, the largest digital manufacturer in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The aim of the partnership is to develop spare parts for the maritime and energy industries using additive manufacturing.

Through the partnership, Pelagus 3D and Immensa will combine their respective strengths in additive manufacturing and digital inventory solutions. Pelagus 3D operates a secure platform that serves as a central connection between customers such as ship managers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for the on-demand production of spare parts. Immensa will act as the exclusive service provider for projects initiated through Pelagus 3D’s platform in the region, while also distributing Pelagus 3D’s products in the maritime and energy sectors.

The partnership has three main objectives: Optimizing supply chain processes, expanding the OEM network and improving service quality for end users in the MENA region. The collaboration is exclusive to both parties in the defined territories and provides a strong foundation to maximize the reach and efficiency of the combined services. This collaboration will also expand Pelagus 3D’s services in the energy sector.

“Immensa seeks to be world-class in everything it does: technology, strategy, execution, talent, and its partners. Today’s news brings two world-class partners together and we look forward to working closely with Pelagus 3D – which is developing the largest database of spare parts for additive manufacturing in the maritime and offshore industry – to transform inventory management across sectors,” added Fahmi Al Shawwa, Chief Executive Officer of Immensa.

The global market for spare parts in the energy sector is estimated at over USD 90 billion, of which USD 18 billion is directly suitable for digitalization and conversion to a digital supply chain. The MENA region has a share of over 4 billion US dollars. Pelagus 3D and Immensa conservatively estimate that the partnership will unlock at least $2 billion in new, incremental revenue – an increase of over 50%.

“This marks a significant milestone in our mission to drive the adoption of on-demand spare parts in the MENA region. Through this partnership, we are offering enhanced additive manufacturing services and technologies for our OEMs and end users, fostering technological advancement in the industry. We look forward to working together with Immensa to further AM innovation and accelerate adoption,” said Haakon Ellekjaer, Chief Commercial Officer of Pelagus 3D.

Pelagus 3D remains committed to improving the Pelagus platform and ensuring timely and high quality delivery of spare parts to customers in the region.

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