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Powder preparation: Volkmann USA introduces PowTReX basic for metal 3D printing

Volkmann USA, a provider of additive manufacturing equipment, has introduced the PowTReX basic metal powder recycling system.

This compact device is designed to extract excess material from the production process of 3D printers, screen it and prepare it for reuse. The PowTReX basic system is specifically designed for use with individual 3D printers and enables precise recovery of metal powder, resulting in a significant reduction in material waste and costs.

The heart of the innovation lies in the effective extraction of the excess powder from the printing chamber using a specially developed suction lance. After extraction, the powder is separated from coarser particles by an automatic sieving process, whereby the cleaned powder is collected and the larger particles are discharged for disposal. This process optimization helps to ensure the quality of the reused powder and increase operational efficiency.

With an impressive capacity of up to 750 kg of powder per hour and an integrated storage container that holds up to 25 liters, the PowTReX basic is ideal for small to medium-sized print jobs. The mobility of the system, ensured by smooth-running castors, enables flexible use in different production environments. Volkmann also offers optional accessories such as the vDryer vacuum dryer and the vLoader metal powder loading system to complete the range and meet individual customer requirements.

The introduction of the PowTReX basic underlines Volkmann’s commitment to making additive manufacturing processes more efficient and sustainable through continuous innovation. This new system offers a cost-effective solution to improve materials management and increase environmental sustainability in the 3D printing industry.

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