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Printerior launches large format 3D printing services for the architectural market

Printerior, a sustainable 3D printing startup, announced the launch of its large-format 3D printing services that will redefine possibilities in design, manufacturing and beyond.

Initially, Printerior is targeting its 3D design and printing services to architectural firms and interior designers interested in unique, customized pieces and projects. Central to Printerior’s capabilities is its proprietary Large Format Additive Printing (LFAM) robotic technology, which boasts an impressive build volume of 3x3x2.7 meters and a versatile range of extrusion options. Printerior offers a wide range of materials, from 100% recycled plastic to high temperature polymers for technical applications such as mold making and autoclave processes.

Utilizing in-house developed printers and proprietary extrusion systems, Printerior is setting new standards in various industries with large format 3D printing this year. This strategic expansion follows the success of previous furniture and interior design projects, including a notable installation at ERG’s new Virginia office.

“Our team is thrilled to introduce our large-format 3D printing services to architects, interior designers, and creatives across the country,” said Trent Esser, Co-Founder/CEO of Printerior. “We believe this service will open up the possibilities for creating sustainable design with virtually no limits. Current construction methods often limit the possibility for organic design, but 3D printing changes all of that. Imagine a textured curved wall unit that is price-competitive, easy to install, and made from 100% recycled plastics. With our custom-developed technology and commitment to sustainability, we’re empowering industries to innovate and excel like never before.”

Printerior’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond technology to the development of high-performance, sustainable and recycled materials specifically tailored for LFAM printing projects. This environmentally conscious approach complements Printerior’s existing on-demand printing services for FDM, SLA and SLS technologies, offering customers a comprehensive range of solutions for their diverse needs.

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