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Quickparts joins Roboze 3D parts network

Roboze, a technology company that produces some of the world’s most accurate 3D printers for the production of parts in super polymers and composite materials, announced a new strategic partnership signed during the Formnext 2022 trade show with Quickparts, a global specialist in on-demand industrial production services. The goal is to accelerate the local production of customized parts around the world, wherever and whenever they are needed, bringing the value of production back to the point of use and generating business models more consistent with the current market.

Formnext 2022 is the most important European event for professionals, experts, and enthusiasts of additive manufacturing. It is the place where, every year, the key players in the world of 3D printing announce and present decisive news for accelerating the adoption of the additive method in manufacturing companies around the world. Among this year’s news, it is of paramount importance to highlight the strategic partnership established between Quickparts and Roboze in the sector of on-demand custom and distributed manufacturing.

Quickparts is a specialist in on-demand manufacturing services with decades of experience in the additive and traditional manufacturing sector. Leader in quality rapid production, it boasts a team of 370 experts, located in offices and facilities around the world, focused on customer satisfaction by offering advice and services for the use of cutting-edge technologies and materials. In this context, the implementation of Roboze systems in its machine portfolio was completely natural.

“As industry experts we have followed Roboze from the beginning and were immediately impressed by how the company and its technology has grown over the years,” said Ziad Abou, CEO of Quickparts. “We needed to expand our systems to more quickly meet our customers’ needs to produce end-use parts accurately and with high-performance polymeric materials. Roboze proved to be the best choice in terms of versatility, quality and repeatability”.

The Roboze systems, in fact, meet the needs of industrial production, allowing to solve the most common problems related to process repeatability, precision and the production of high-performance polymers and materials. The technological ecosystem created by the company is helping manufacturing companies around the world to digitalize their production processes, replacing obsolete production methods, producing super polymer components just in time and on demand.

Aware of its technology and knowledge of the market, Roboze has created a network of micro-factories distributed around the world, Roboze 3D Parts, users of the company’s Production solutions, promoting a new model that enables economic, social and environmental benefits, given the reduction of transport resulting from on-demand local production.

“We are thrilled to welcome Quickparts among our partners of the Roboze 3D Parts network” declares Francesco Pantaleone, VP of Business Development at Roboze. ” When companies like Quickparts decide to join our vision, the value we can create for end users in a variety of industries is outstanding and  will really accelerate the transition to smarter and more eco-sustainable production methods”.

Quickparts installed the first Roboze solution, ARGO 500, in its Seattle headquarters where it will be immediately used to serve aerospace and industrial companies across the U.S.

Find out more about Quickparts at quickparts.com.

For more information about Roboze, please visit roboze.com.

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