Home Applications & Case Studies Recycling: Aectual produces 3D-printed furniture from Lenovo e-waste

Recycling: Aectual produces 3D-printed furniture from Lenovo e-waste

The Dutch company Aectual is presenting 3D-printed stools made from recycled material from Lenovo e-waste at the CES technology trade fair. Lenovo first presented the collaboration between the two companies in October.

Aectual uses large-format polymer extrusion printing technology for the series production of customized furniture and interior fittings. Up to now, sustainable materials such as marine waste have mainly been used.

For the stools, electronic waste such as plastic parts from discarded Lenovo laptops and servers have now been used for the first time. According to Lenovo, the collaboration demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainable product lifecycle management.

Aectual co-founder Hedwig Heinsman explained that the collaboration with Lenovo is just the beginning on the road to sustainable product solutions using recycled materials. The long-term goal is a “circular economy of construction”.

Since its foundation in 2017, Aectual has specialized in customizable products made from 100% recyclable raw materials. The 3D printing technology makes it possible to recycle even unusual recycled materials such as electronic plastics and transform them into functional objects such as furniture.

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