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Replique and Siena Garden printed over 1000 foot caps for garden chair repair so far

Replique, provider of a secure 3D printing platform, and Siena Garden, the renowned German garden furniture brand, continue their collaboration. Together, they announce the production of more than 1000 3D-printed foot caps that breathe new life into garden chairs and contribute to the circular economy by complementing the REPAIR pillar of the 4 R’s of sustainability (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair).

This follows their “Perpetual Spare Parts” concept, launched less than 2 years ago, which promotes sustainability by offering permanent replacement parts for garden furniture so that their lifespan is extended and waste is reduced. With Earth Overshoot Day already falling on August 2 this year, reminding us of the urgency of living within the ecological limits of our planet, this milestone takes on added importance.

In this regard, the seamless integration of Replique’s 3D printing platform allows for on-demand and local production of spare parts, which avoids excess inventory and bypasses large minimum order quantities. This not only reduces costs for Siena Garden, but also increases customer satisfaction through improved after-sales services. In addition to foot caps, the Siena Garden web store also offers other replacement parts such as handles, connecting and moving parts for Hollywood swings and garden loungers.

The collaboration shows that 3D printing can make a big difference, even for small everyday parts, far beyond large machines. Without additive manufacturing, such spare parts would remain inaccessible, and in the case described here, for example, garden furniture would look worn or be discarded.

Peter Benthues, CDO of the H. Gautsch Group of Companies, Siena Garden’s parent company, notes, “Working with Replique was an important step in our efforts to offer environmentally conscious products and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction. This milestone underscores our commitment to long-lasting solutions.”

Henrike Wonneberger, COO and co-founder of Replique, enthusiastically adds, “We are pleased to celebrate this milestone together with Siena Garden. By producing on demand, eliminating inventory and encouraging repairs, we want to make a positive contribution to the planet, one piece at a time.”

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