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A Representation Of The Internet Is The First Commercial 3D Printed Part From Space

Made in Space started making commercial 3D prints made on the International Space Station (ISS) available to the public with the installation of their new more efficient 3D printer, the AMF.

AMF stands für Additive Manufacturing Facility and it was installed by the end of 2015. Majestic, a England based company that surveys and maps the Internet, is one of the first customers of Made in Space.

If you are 3D printing a part on the ISS you have to consider really carefully what you want to print. And Majestic has chosen really well. They have chosen a visualisation of the internet (shown in the picture below).

Majestic-Internet-In-Space-3D-Logo-1024x576If you are interested in printing a this visualisation yourself, Majestic has put up a blogpost describing how that works. And if you are interested in getting an actual print from the ISS make sure to check out the AMF site from Made in Space.

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