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Research collaboration: Virtual Foundry and TEES optimize titanium 3D printing

The Virtual Foundry, a metal 3D printing company, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), a facility of the Texas A&M University System. This collaboration, led by Dr. Chukwuzubelu Ufodike, aims to explore the effects of sintering temperature and time on the mechanical properties and microstructure of 3D printed titanium alloy parts fabricated using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF).

“We’re thrilled to be working with Dr. Chukwuzubelu Ufodike and TEES,” says Tricia Suess, President at The Virtual Foundry. “Their expertise will be instrumental in closing the gap between inexpensive titanium 3D printing and the current process of sintering it, which today is out-of-reach for the average user.”

The cooperation promises several advantages:

  • A deeper understanding of the complex relationship between sintering temperature and time in FFF-printed titanium components.
  • Insights into the microstructural development and mechanical behavior as a function of the sintering parameters.
  • Increased knowledge of how sintering parameters influence dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

Dr. Chukwuzubelu Ufodike expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “This collaboration represents a significant stride in advancing our understanding of sintering processes in 3D printing. Together with The Virtual Foundry and TEES, we aim to push the boundaries of material development in additive manufacturing.”

This research initiative is not only important for the scientific community, but also for industries that rely on efficient and cost-effective 3D printing solutions for titanium. The results could lead to optimized production processes that improve both the quality and accessibility of titanium 3D printing. Thus, this collaboration represents an important step towards a more advanced, accessible and economically viable use of 3D printing technologies in the metal sector.

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