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Researchers 3D-print luminescent quantum dot polymer architectures

Quantum dots, nanoscale semiconductors with unique light-emitting properties, have been generating excitement for years as they have the potential to revolutionize technologies ranging from solar cells to biomedical imaging. In particular, quantum dots made from organic-inorganic perovskite hybrid materials exhibit exceptional properties such as color tunability, narrow emission bands and high quantum yields. However, it has proven difficult to harness the capabilities of perovskite quantum dots due to their sensitivity to heat and oxygen.

Under the leadership of Im Doo Jung, the team succeeded in establishing a printing method that allows perovskite quantum dots to be embedded directly into a polymer matrix without damaging the sensitive materials. The research was published in the journal “Advanced Functional Materials”.

The new printing technique enables high precision in the production of objects, such as pyramids and replicas of the Eiffel Tower, with layer thicknesses of up to 150 micrometers. The embedded quantum dots retain their light-emitting properties, which has been confirmed by fluorescence spectroscopic analyses. The stability of the quantum dots against heat and oxygen is significantly improved by the polymer matrix.

In addition to demonstrating 3D-printed optical structures, the researchers also showed the suitability of these materials for security applications. Using special print layouts, they were able to create hidden patterns that are only visible under UV light. This technology has the potential to be used in areas such as anti-counterfeiting and information encryption.

The development opens up new possibilities for the integration of quantum dot composites into 3D-printed architectures, which can increase the active surface area and adjust the photophysical properties. The room-temperature process preserves the outstanding properties of the quantum dots and offers high adaptability for different substrates.

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