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restor3d announces the successful completion of a 70 million dollar financing

restor3d, a provider of 3D-printed, personalized orthopedic implants, announced the successful completion of a million Series A financing round led by private investors, including Summers Value Partners, and existing investors, as well as an additional million in debt financing led by Trinity Capital.

One focus of the investment is the introduction of new, patient-specific 3D-printed implant systems. restor3d plans to introduce new implant systems for total ankle and shoulder replacement surgeries that are customized to individual patient anatomy and pathology. In the area of patient-specific hip and knee implants, the company will continue to make progress, including the development of a porous press-fit knee made possible by 3D printing both the tibial and femoral components.

Continued investment in advanced 3D printing technologies will enable restor3d to expand its rapid in-house production of ‘powder to sterile products’. This expansion will not only increase the company’s capacity, but also shorten delivery times for personalized implants while reducing production costs.

In addition, restor3d plans to invest heavily in software-based and AI-supported automation. These technologies are intended to speed up machining times and design processes, reduce digital design time and improve the quality of service for surgeons and their patients.

Another important area of investment will be expanded medical education programs. The new funding will allow restor3d to expand its educational initiatives and provide surgeons and the sales team with comprehensive training on the latest technologies and surgical techniques in orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery.

“This fundraising round is a testament to the confidence our investors have in restor3d’s vision and potential,” said CEO Kurt Jacobus. “With this capital, we can accelerate our efforts to transform orthopedic care through 3D printed personalized implants. We are eager to maximize our impact on patient outcomes and continue to advance of orthopedic care. We are grateful for the support from our investors and look forward to a future of continued growth and success.”

The continued development and implementation of advanced 3D printing technologies and the focus on personalized medical solutions promise to significantly improve treatment outcomes for patients and shape the future of orthopaedic surgery.

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