Home Industry restor3d has completed the acquisition of Conformis

restor3d has completed the acquisition of Conformis

In September 2023, restor3d, a 3D-printed medical device company, completed the acquisition of Conformis. Conformis is a medical device company focused on improving orthopedic patient care through its offering of fully personalized solutions via its Image-to-Implant Platinum Services Program.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful achievement of one of our key initiatives post-acquisition,” stated Kurt Jacobus, Chief Executive Officer of restor3d. “Patient-specific femoral implants, which have traditionally been cast at low margin, are now 3-D printed at a fraction of the cost at our facility in Durham, NC.”

This previously approved additive manufacturing method for femoral implants has now been successfully commercialized and surpasses the mechanical properties of cast implants.

“Total knee replacement is entering an era of personalization,” said Dr. Moby Parsons, MD, a Board-Certified orthopaedic surgeon at Portsmouth Regional Hospital. “Nowhere is this more important than implant design and I believe this is a critical element of achieving the better outcomes that today’s patients expect. restor3d’s printed patient-specific femurs take personalization to the next level of innovation in knee replacement using form and fit to help achieve a more normal feeling. I owe it to my patients to provide the best outcome possible in every case, and this technology is a key solution to that goal.”

This development marks a significant advance in orthopaedic surgery, particularly in the field of knee replacement. By integrating 3D printing technologies into the production of implants, restor3d offers a solution that is convincing in terms of both cost and personalization. This approach could have a far-reaching impact on the quality of patient care and efficiency in the healthcare sector.

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