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RMRD TECH: 3D Printable Wind Turbine – Update: Kickstarter Launch

Pursuing his idea of bringing electricity to remote areas and villages all around the world, Canadian PhD student Kyle Bassett has created a project called “A Small Turbine to Make a Big Difference”.

February 18th – Bassett, who spent 18 months living in a remote community with no power supply in Nicaragua, has developed a small-scale and easy to transport wind turbine that can be used to charge batteries, flashlights, cell phones or other small electronic devices. Having designed and built his first working prototypes in Nicaragua, Bassett has been working with a team of engineers and designers back in Canada to create RMRD TECH. Their mission is to “empower people around the world to create their own electricity with open source designs and 3D printing technology“. After completing their last round of testing, the team is going to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the RMRD TECH wind turbine.

Check out the video below and listen Bassett’s story of how he initially came up with the idea and how 3D printing makes it possible for a wind turbine to be manufactured within a few hours:


May 28th – Update: RMRDTECH needs your support on Kickstarter

The team from RMRDTECH needs support for bringing the open source design to the public and support rural communities in need with 50 wind turbines.
Now you can support RMRDTECH on Kickstarter!

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