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Roboze and Visa Cash App RB enter into technical partnership

The Formula 1 World Championship team Visa Cash App RB and the Italian company ROBOZE, known for high-performance 3D printing, have announced a technical partnership.

Visa Cash App RB has already been using ROBOZE’s technology for the development of its racing cars for several months. The Italian company’s additive manufacturing technology enables the production of complex geometries that would not be possible using traditional methods. A central goal of the partnership is the development of ultra-light yet extremely robust components. These are designed to maximize vehicle performance through the innovative use of composite materials.

Alessio Lorusso, CEO of ROBOZE, expressed great enthusiasm for this new agreement: “We are thrilled to serve Visa Cash App RB, a team that shares our passion for innovation and excellence. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to push the boundaries of 3D printing technology, bringing our advanced materials like Carbon PEEK directly to the Formula 1 tracks. It’s a unique opportunity to demonstrate how our solutions can help redefine performance and efficiency parameters in motorsport.”

This ROBOZE Carbon PEEK, a superpolymer reinforced with carbon fibers, is known for its excellent thermal and mechanical resistance. It enables the Visa Cash App RB Formula 1 team to significantly reduce weight, improve aerodynamic efficiency and increase the structural strength of the cars.

Stefano Natali, Director of Production at Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team added: “Adopting ROBOZE’s 3D printing technologies will transform the way we design and produce critical components for our cars. The ability to use materials like Carbon PEEK allows us not only to optimize the weight and strength of our vehicles but also to significantly accelerate our development and innovation cycles, keeping us one step ahead of the competition. This partnership is a cornerstone of our strategy to stay at the forefront of the world championship.”

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