Home Industry SAKATA INX and Electroninks enter into partnership for metal printing inks

SAKATA INX and Electroninks enter into partnership for metal printing inks

Electroninks, a provider of metal complex inks for additive manufacturing and advanced semiconductor packaging, announced a business partnership with Japan-based SAKATA INX that will enable the company to expand its business beyond inks to a new product line for the electronics industry.

The partnership promises to accelerate access to technologies and markets and open up new opportunities in the development of materials for a variety of applications in the electronics market.

“In the electronics field, demand for high-value-added materials is expected to grow significantly in the future due to heightened expectations for the enhancement of product functionality,” stated Yoshiaki Ueno, president and chief executive officer of SAKATA INX. “Against this backdrop, we will work with Electroninks as a global technology partner to develop new products and create new businesses.”

The collaboration between Electroninks and SAKATA INX illustrates the importance of partnerships in the fast-moving world of technology. By pooling their resources and expertise, both companies can strengthen their position in the electronics manufacturing sector and develop innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the future. This move marks a significant advance in the use of 3D printing technologies and materials science to meet the growing demand for advanced electronic components and systems. The electronics industry can therefore eagerly await the next steps in this fruitful partnership.

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