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Science Corner at the Vienna Technical Museum is dedicated to futuristic 3D printing materials

The Institute of Materials Science and Technology at the Vienna University of Technology specializes in the development of high-precision 3D printing and other materials. This includes everything from high-performance plastics and ceramics to artificial ivory and living cells that come straight out of the printer.

An outstanding example of this innovative technology is the process of stereolithography, in which light energy is used to transform liquid materials into solid three-dimensional objects layer by layer. Cubicure GmbH, a start-up from Vienna, uses this technology in “hot lithography” to produce particularly heat-resistant plastics. Due to their fineness, these are also suitable for applications in the micrometer range.

Another Viennese company, UpNano GmbH, specializes in high-resolution bioprinting. Here, living cells are integrated into the printing material, enabling the production of extremely fine structures. This technology is not only used in medicine for bone implants, but is also used in industry. Lithoz GmbH produces high-performance ceramics that are particularly suitable for medical implants due to their biocompatibility and thermal conductivity.

Special attention is also being paid to the development of Digory, a substitute material for ivory, which was developed by Eburo GmbH, a spin-off of TU Wien. This material is mainly used in the restoration of art objects.

The Science Corner at the Vienna Technical Museum offers a platform to make these and other research projects accessible to the public. The current exhibition “Printing the future. Three-dimensional precision” illustrates the diversity and potential of 3D printing technologies and can be seen until spring 2025. It impressively demonstrates how far the technology has already been integrated into our everyday lives and into a wide range of application areas.

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