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Sensor technology through 3D printing: Portuguese startup makes surfaces intelligent

The Portuguese company LikeWise Pro from Guimarães enables the transformation of surfaces into sensors through a clever combination of 3D printing and electronics. The “SmarTogether Kit” makes it easy to create smart products.

The kit consists of a 3D-printed sensor and matching electronics. The sensor is simply glued to a surface, for example a mirror or a piece of furniture. Once connected to the power supply, the surface transforms into a proximity sensor: when someone approaches, this is detected and various actions can be triggered – from a color change to camera activation and notifications.

Simplified access to sensory functionality

According to LikeWise Pro, the kit is targeted at users without electronics expertise, such as carpenters or do-it-yourselfers. The kit’s ease of integration in just two steps – gluing and connecting – greatly simplifies the development of smart products.

3D printing makes it possible to manufacture the sensors to fit the specific application and apply them directly to the surface. According to LikeWise Pro, this opens up a wide range of applications beyond mirrors, for example in furniture, tiles or ceramics.

From supplier to solution provider

Originally, LikeWise Pro itself sold smart mirrors with proximity sensor technology. However, mirror manufacturers quickly asked for the technology to enhance their own products. As a result, LikeWise Pro developed the SmarTogether Kit to offer the sensory functionality as a modular solution.

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