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Sintavia wins contract to develop hypersonic drive components

U.S. manufacturer Sintavia, LLC announced today the award of a significant contract by the U.S. Department of Defense. This contract is part of the Growing Additive Manufacturing Maturity for Airbreathing Hypersonics (GAMMA-H) project managed by the S²MARTS OTA and the National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL). The goal of the contract is to develop additively manufactured propulsion components for hypersonic aircraft.

As part of the GAMMA-H project, Sintavia will develop and validate robust quality and operational processes required for the design and manufacture of critical precision components. These processes are specifically tailored to hypersonic engines and will be applicable across the hypersonic industry in the future. The contract, which is due to run until 2025, underlines the growing importance of additive manufacturing techniques in the aerospace industry.

“The GAMMA-H award represents an important step forward in developing and formalizing standard additive manufacturing processes that can be used across the industry for hypersonic production,” said Brian R. Neff, Sintavia’s Founder & CEO. “As the industry leader in this effort, Sintavia is uniquely positioned to work with the GAMMA-H project to successfully develop and validate these processes. We are grateful to the GAMMA-H team for their trust in Sintavia regarding this absolutely critical national security imperative.”

Announced in October 2023, the GAMMA-H project has a budget of $106.7 million and is a joint effort between the Office of Secretary of Defense ManTech and the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division. In addition to the direct GAMMA-H contract, Sintavia also supports several other initiatives that are also funded under the GAMMA-H project.

Under this contract, Sintavia will work to meet the high quality and reliability requirements necessary for the hypersonic propulsion systems. By validating these processes, it will be possible to extend the benefits of additive manufacturing to a wide range of applications within the hypersonic industry.

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