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Sintratec expands its market in Mexico with 3D Factory MX

The Swiss company Sintratec, known for its innovative solutions in the field of selective laser sintering (SLS), has entered into a strategic partnership with 3D Factory MX from Mexico. This collaboration marks an important step for Sintratec to expand its presence in Central America and open access to the industrial 3D printing market in Mexico.

3D Factory MX, based in Monterrey, an industrial heartland of Mexico, has established itself as a competent provider in 3D printing technology since its foundation in 2014. Until now, the focus has been on stereolithography (SLA) and fused deposition modeling (FDM). By partnering with Sintratec, the company is now expanding its offering to include advanced SLS technology, which represents a significant addition to its portfolio.

Sintratec, known for its modular 3D printers, offers the All-Material Platform (AMP), a flexible solution for processing different materials in one system. This feature is particularly important for powder-based 3D printing technology and promises a wide range of applications for industrial customers.

Ángel Jiménez, Sales Manager 3D Factory, said: “We are very excited for our partnership with Sintratec. We feel confident incorporating the best SLS solution to our additive manufacturing portfolio and meeting the customers’ needs like never before. We believe alongside Sintratec will help to accelerate the continuous growth in the Mexican market.”

The cooperation between Sintratec and 3D Factory MX is symbolic of the steady growth and increasing acceptance of additive manufacturing technologies in the global industry. It shows how strategic partnerships can open up new markets and ensure the availability of innovative technologies to a wider audience.

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