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Small farm for the living room: indoor grow towers from the 3D printer

Urban gardening is in vogue: more and more people are growing vegetables and herbs on their balconies or windowsills. But not everyone has enough space outside. Maker Danielle Sopalski has therefore developed mini-growing columns for indoor cultivation that can be easily produced using a 3D printer.

The ingenious concept: the columns consist of individual modules that can be stacked and expanded as required. According to Sopalski, the towers are suitable for both beginners and experienced hydroponics enthusiasts.

In contrast to sowing in normal potting soil, the plants are cultivated in special net pots. The roots are supplied directly with a nutrient solution via an integrated irrigation system with pump and spray. According to the developer, this saves a lot of water compared to conventional irrigation.

Sopalski provides all 3D printing data free of charge. She hopes that local production of the modules will result in short delivery routes and strengthen regional communities. The files can be downloaded free of charge from Thingiverse.

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