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SOLS: Custom 3D Printed Insoles – Update: $ 11.1 Million Funding

Manufacturer of custom 3D printed insoles, SOLS Industries, is partnering with the web-based electronic medical record (EMR) company WebPT, to bring their products to over 43,000 physical therapists in the US.

February 4, 2015: Through WebPT’s e-commerce platform, participating rehab therapy professionals will be able to order 3D printed, custom made products at a discounted price. Therefore physical therapists in the network receive an iPad and will use the SOLS App to scan their patient’s feet. SOLS then crates 3D prints of the orthotics using NASAgrade nylon and ships them within seven days.

Founded in 2013, SOLS has already raised $ 8.15 million in funding from investors including Lux Capital. The cooperation with WebPT is not only a big step for the pioneer of custom mass-manufacturing but also lets 3D printing technology expand further into the medical market and people’s daily lives.

Heidi Jannenga, WebPT Cofounder and COO: “SOLS is revolutionizing the foot orthotics industry, and WebPT prides itself in developing technology that has the potential to disrupt the status quo in health care. That’s why I’m excited to help introduce this innovative company to the physical therapy industry. I’m also personally proud to work with another trailblazing woman executive.”

Kegan Schouwenburg, SOLS Founder and CEO: “WebPT and SOLS are paving the way and giving rehab professionals nationwide the exciting opportunity to integrate orthotics into their core practices. We believe this partnership allows rehab professionals to expand their treatment capabilities to a more holistic approach. This is an important step towards enabling people everywhere to gain access to quality custom orthotics that allow them to live a pain-free life.”


Update: March 2, 2015 – SOLS raises $ 11.1 million series B funding

SOLS industries secures another round of funding to boost its consumer product pipeline. Previous investors including Founders Fund and Lux Capital returned for the round of $ 11.1 million, with significant contributions from new investors such as Tenaya Capital and Melo7 Tech Partners.

The company also appointed Terdema Ussery, Dallas Mavericks’ president and CEO, to its board of directors.

“This is a pivotal time for SOLS as we aim to bring our mass customized 3D printed footwear direct to the consumer. The vote of confidence we have from our current investors and the additions of Melo7 and Tenaya only continue to validate the need to transform the footwear industry and enhance the way we move,” stated Kegan Schouwenburg, SOLS founder and CEO. “We are honored to have Terdema join our board, he is the synthesis of what SOLS stands for. With his rich background in performance sport from his time at Nike, to his real-world experience and application with the Dallas Mavericks, his insight will be invaluable as we work to transform SOLS into a recognizable, household brand.

Since launching SOLS in July 2013, the 3D printing company with 45 employees has raised a total of $ 19.3 million in funding. By enabling people to have easy access to relevant, custom-fit products, SOLS wants to bring the world of 3D printing to the mass consumer sector.


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