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Solukon expands capacity of its depowdering systems for 3D printing

Solukon has expanded its SFM-AT350 model series to meet the growing demands of 3D printing. The innovation makes it possible to effectively depowder heavier and larger components weighing up to 100 kg, which is particularly important for applications in the aerospace and medical technology sectors.

The SFM-AT350, previously designed for components weighing up to 60 kg, can now handle components measuring up to 400 x 400 x 400 mm or 500 x 280 x 400 mm. This increase in capacity was achieved by adapting the arm design without having to increase the chamber volume or the consumption of inert gas. This represents an important step towards increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the 3D printing process.

“Many of our customers and prospects print their medium-sized parts on an M 400 from EOS or a Nikon SLM 500, and the enhanced SFM-AT350 is now also compatible with these two printers, covering two other important additive manufacturing systems in this size range,” says Andreas Hartmann, CEO/CTO of Solukon.

A special feature of the SFM-AT350 is the SPR-Pathfinder software, which automatically calculates the ideal motion sequence for depowdering from the CAD file of the component. This significantly reduces programming effort and increases process efficiency. In addition, the optional Digital Factory Tool (DFT) offers seamless monitoring and logging of the depowdering process.

The latest addition to the SFM-AT350 is now available and will be presented at Rapid + TCT 2024 in Los Angeles. The SFM-AT350-E variant with ultrasonic excitation, which enables particularly gentle cleaning methods, will also be presented there. Solukon is thus once again demonstrating its ability to innovate and adapt to the constantly evolving needs of the industry.

“These intelligent features are now also a must in the medium-sized component segment, as components and support structures are becoming increasingly complex here too. We are pleased that we were able to launch two mature digital tools on the market so early on with the DFT and SPR-Pathfinder software and once again demonstrate our innovative strength. The aim of the latest expansion is to offer users with larger components weighing up to 100 kg a cost-optimized solution without compromising on functionality. No other system in this segment offers so many equipment options and functionality and closes an important gap in the growing price pressure in the service sector,” says Andreas Hartmann, CEO/CTO of Solukon.

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