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Startup Maniac & Sane develops lightweight cargo bikes thanks to 3D printing

The startup Maniac & Sane develops particularly lightweight cargo bikes using fiber-reinforced composites. For special functional parts, the company relies on 3D-printed components made of plastic.

Cargo bikes are enjoying growing popularity in urban areas. However, with increasing digitization and electrification, the bikes are also getting heavier. According to Maniac & Sane founder Martin Fleischhauer, this makes them more difficult to handle.

To counteract this, the startup relies on a lightweight frame made of fiber composites. In this way, the weight could be almost halved compared to conventional models. In addition, Maniac & Sane manufactures certain functional parts such as lamp housings additively.

With the help of Evonik’s INFINAM PA12 plastic, the parts can be manufactured in a lightweight and stable manner using the 3D printing process. According to Maniac & Sane, additive manufacturing opens up new possibilities for individual customer requirements.

In combination with lightweight materials, the startup thus wants to develop cargo bikes that remain easy to handle despite increasing digitalization and demands for comfort. 3D printing plays an important role here for special functions.

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