Home Industry Strategic partnership between GPAINNOVA and Xact Metal revolutionizes 3D metal printing

Strategic partnership between GPAINNOVA and Xact Metal revolutionizes 3D metal printing

The additive manufacturing industry is taking a significant step forward with the recently announced partnership between GPAINNOVA America and Xact Metal, a pioneer in cost-effective metal 3D printing solutions. This partnership aims to provide a holistic solution that includes design, printing and post-processing, utilizing innovative technologies from both companies.

GPAINNOVA, known for its expertise in metal surface finishing under the DLyte and MURUA brands, and Xact Metal, dedicated to the democratization of metal 3D printing, are combining their strengths to make the metal 3D printing process more efficient and accessible.

A key aspect of the partnership is the application of GPAINNOVA’s patented dry electropolishing technology, DryLyte Technology, as a post-processing solution for Xact Metal’s state-of-the-art metal 3D printers. This collaboration promises to significantly reduce polishing times by 60-80% compared to manual methods, speed up the printing process compared to traditional casting and significantly reduce manual labor.

“We are eager to expand our knowledge of how the manufacturing industry integrates the Xact Metal technology into its daily fabrication environment”, says Jesús Contreras, Business Developer at GPAINNOVA America. “Xact Metal has developed a unique market strategy that creates synergies similar to GPA INNOVA’s; combining our expertise, we can shape the proper perspective for the AM adopters and have a final product to fulfill their needs”, he highlights.

“We are very excited to begin this partnership with GPAINNOVA to offer a full solution from design to finished part using their patented wet and dry electro-polishing” says Xact Metal CEO, Juan Mario Gomez, “It allows the customer to automate the finishing process, reducing the need for manual labor and saving them time.”

This strategic alliance between GPAINNOVA and Xact Metal represents an important step in the evolution of metal 3D printing. It demonstrates how collaboration and technological innovation can increase efficiency and facilitate access to advanced manufacturing methods for organizations of all sizes.

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