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Strength analysis for 3D printed parts: Markforged introduces Performance Advisor

3D printer manufacturer Markforged has released an upgrade for its Eiger software. With the new “Performance Advisor” function, users can automate the strength analysis of 3D part files.

The basis for the optimization is a patent-pending, physics-based analysis method that relies on the lowest energy eigenmodes of the part geometry. This approach makes it possible to investigate the influence of pressure settings on part performance without a defined use case. The Performance Advisor technology evaluates print settings based on three criteria: Thickness, material cost and print time to recommend optimal settings.

The introduction of the Performance Advisor represents a significant advance, particularly for applications where the specific use case of the part is unknown. While simulation tools allow adaptation to known load cases, the Performance Advisor offers a quick and easy way to increase part strength regardless of the application.

However, it should be noted that the Performance Advisor has certain limitations in its initial phase, including the restriction to the material Onyx and certain print settings. Despite these limitations, the development of the Performance Advisor demonstrates Markforged’s commitment to further improving additive manufacturing and helping customers optimize their production processes.

In summary, Markforged’s Performance Advisor offers a breakthrough way to improve the performance of 3D printed parts. By combining physics-based analysis and machine learning, this technology makes it possible to find optimal print settings that increase part strength while minimizing material costs and printing time without user intervention. This underscores Markforged’s role as an innovator in additive manufacturing technology.

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