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STRUCT3D launches crowdfunding 3D-printed lights in the shape of sweets

STRUCT3D, a young design brand from Franconia, wants to realize its first product line ‘Dessert Lights’ with the help of a crowdfunding campaign on Startnext. The Dessert Lights are trendy lights in the shape of sweets that not only spread fun and good humor, but also explore the limits of 3D printing with unique shapes and structures.

The aim is to use the creative freedom of 3D printing and develop designs that would be almost impossible to realize with any other process. The dessert lights are therefore specially designed for 3D printing. The lights are manufactured in Germany using the laser sintering process (SLS) and then smoothed using a special process and coated with a heat-resistant ceramic coating to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Sarah and Paul, the founders of STRUCT3D, explain: “We don’t just want to deliver sweet treats with the Dessert Lights, we also want to put a smile on our customers’ faces. Our target group is anyone who is looking for fun and lightness in their lives, whether at home as a unique eye-catcher or in stores, bars and cafés to create a cool atmosphere.”

The crowdfunding campaign aims to make the Dessert Lights a reality while gathering interest and feedback from customers. Supporters of the project are helping to promote products from Germany and enable short delivery routes. The lampshades are only produced to order. The crowdfunding campaign will enter the financing round on Startnext at the end of April.

Following successful crowdfunding, the dessert lights will be available in the STRUCT3D online store, where a range of 3D-printed design objects will gradually be created under the motto “Your life needs structure”.

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