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SWISSto12 supplies Northrop Grumman with important radio frequency products

St12 RF Solutions, the U.S. subsidiary of SWISSto12, a manufacturer of advanced satellite products, payloads and radio frequency systems, announced today that it has designed, qualified and delivered three fully integrated RF antenna feed chains in multiple bands for the payload of Northrop Grumman‘s GEOStar-3 commercial satellite. SWISSto12 relies on 3D printing for this.

The use of SWISSto12’s RF antenna feed chains in the GEOStar-3 payload marks an important milestone for the next generation of RF payload solutions. The feed chains are designed as monolithic assemblies containing diplexers, filters, polarizers, horn apertures and mechanical interfaces, all 3D printed in a single piece. Using SWISSto12’s proprietary Radio Frequency Additive Manufacturing (RFAM) process, the designs can be optimized for size and weight while meeting the stringent performance and qualification requirements for Northrop Grumman’s GEOStar-3 program.

Since 2011, SWISSto12 has been driving the development of advanced additive manufacturing technologies for RF applications and has made a name for itself in the aerospace industry. Previously, RF product designs were limited by manufacturing constraints in their performance, weight, size and cost competitiveness. SWISSto12’s RFAM technology enables the production of highly complex and unconventional designs that were previously unachievable. Through optimized manufacturing tolerances, surface finishes, plating techniques and RF designs, SWISSto12 can offer advanced RF performance, size and weight savings while remaining competitive.

Scott Wolf, Managing Director of St12 RF Solutions, the US entity of SWISSto12, said: “SWISSto12 is delighted to announce this first delivery to Northrop Grumman of cutting-edge Radio Frequency Antenna Feed Chains for its commercial GEOStar-3 program. Our novel Radio Frequency Additive Manufacturing coupled with advanced monolithic designs enabled by 3D printing has created a new benchmark in Antenna Feed Chain size, weight and performance. Our Radio Frequency and HummingSat geostationary SmallSat business has delivered over $200 million in customer orders to date, validation of our mission to push the limits of existing payload capabilities to better protect and connect every corner of the world.”

With this delivery, SWISSto12 underlines its ability to develop complex and powerful RF components that meet the requirements of modern satellite programs. These developments are not only a technological advance, but also proof of the growing importance of 3D printing in the space industry.

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