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Syqe Medical Introduces 3D Printed WIFI Enabled Marijuana Inhaler

The Tel Aviv based company Syqe Medical developed a 3D printed inhaler, which could help doctors to control the marijuana dose of their patients.

There are a lots of pros and cons regarding the use of medical marijuana. Proponents of legalisation believe that it could replace addictive and more dangerous narcotic pain killers. A disadvantage, however, is that it is impossible for doctors to prescribe a regulated dose.

Syqe Medical has come up with a 3D printed inhaler that might be a solution for this problem. The device can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via WIFI. The App allows doctors and patients to administer and monitor the correct dosage. Further researcher will have access to the data and can therefor determine the best dosage for different conditions of future patients.

Perry Davidson, Medical CEO at Syqe, explains that 75% of the inhaler’s components were manufactured on Stratasys 3D printers.

Learn more about the device in the following video:

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