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taulman3D Introduces New Flexible 3D Printing Material

3D printing material company taulman3d, probably best known for its nylon material, has recently introduced a new filament. The Plasticised Co-polyamide Thermoplastic Elastomer, short PCTPE, is a combination of flexible nylon and rubber like TPE, resulting in a smooth texture while being highly flexible at the same time.

The new material has been thoroughly tested by the 3D printing community during the last months and has now been released to the market. According to taulman3D it is ideal for prosthetics, cosplay outfits, cell phone enclosures and other industrial parts. It is available in diameters 1.75 and 2.85 and features almost the same properties as ABS. The ideal printing temperature is 230°C and it prints on glass beds with 50% water/PVA glaze heated to 40°C. It takes on any acid based colour dye as well a antimicrobial coatings for footwear and prosthetics.

Following video shows a variety of applications:

The 1 lb (0.45 kg) spool is available for $ 30 through taulman3D’s website.

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