Home Applications & Case Studies This Amazing Glas Face Was Produced With The Help Of 3D Printing

This Amazing Glas Face Was Produced With The Help Of 3D Printing

Working with some materials like silicone or glas requires moulding to help you shape the objects you desire – But even then 3D printing can be very helpful.

For that purpose some materials for 3D printing are build to burn free of any rest. Fred Kahl, aka the Gread Fredini, now used PLA to produce moulds for some pretty cool objects made out of glas.

For that purpose he created some 3D prints from 3D scans and a with additional help through 3D modelling. With these 3D prints he created moulds and burnt the PLA 3D prints with a huge oven at 1000°F.

The Great Fredini explains:

My work in the last few years has used a combination of 3D modeling techniques. I usually begin with 3D scanning,  primarily structured light scanning with Primesense/Kinect style devices and occasionally photogrammetry for non human subjects. Other non-organic forms are just modeled directly in the computer using my software of choice Zbrush. Next I will digitally manipulate and sculpt the 3D scans in the computer. Finally the work is output as a 3D print.

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