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Treatstock: New 3D Printing & 3D Model Online Platform Launches – Update

Treatstock, a new online platform for 3D models as well as 3D printing service has recently launched. 

February 18th, 2016: While creating a network of private and professional 3D printer owners to become an authorised service – similar to 3D Hubs – Treatstock also offers authors of 3D models to sell their designs on the platform. Thus, users will not only be able to choose from 3D models but also have them 3D printed by one of the service providers listed. As far as newly formed print services and 3D printer owners are concerned, Treatstock will assist them from start to finish, and for any potential future work.


Founder of Treatstock, Tim Arno, explains that the main criterion is quality: “Our goal is to help our customers receive the highest quality 3D printed object possible, as well as to offer 3D printing for everyone. In order to achieve this, our 3D printing services will need to work closely with our 3D designers to make sure we are creating exactly what our customer wants, which will also entail helping 3D designers correct any design error. Also, our specialists will provide all necessary support to the authors of 3D models. For those who are new to 3D design and 3D printing, Treatstock can provide personal training.”

In order to protect designers of 3D models, Treatstock pay close attention to copyright laws.Thanks to a special approach of viewing models on the site, the original file cannot be compied from the browser.


The platform features categories such as fashion, art, games, home, miniatures or technology. Once you have selected a 3D model you can choose the material and colour you would like to have it 3D printed in. According to your selected parameters, 3D printing services to choose from will appear below including suggested price. If you would like to join the platform or simply browse the currently available designs, head to Treatstock.com.


July 25th, 2016: Update – Treatstock presents new features 

3D printable models are now

  • viewable with 3D glasses
  • in different colours
  • on tablets and mobile devices with low data usage
  • securely shared and shown to clients without having to print or download the STL files

Treatstock’s 3D View can display the files in three different perspectives: default view, metallic view, and 3D glasses.
The coloured view shows the STL File in the chosen colour from the available pallet, while the metallic view really accentuates the lines and contours of the model. This is particularly useful if you want to see what the surface texture of the model looks like when printed in metal. The 3D glasses view is really a first of its kind for viewing 3D printable models. You can view the STL file in a way that pops-out from the screen, as if you are looking at a printed version of the model right in front of you.

The new 3D view protects the model from being captured by guarding the file’s source code. It is impossible to download a model through 3D view since Treatstock slices a 3D object into several small 2D images and only displays them.

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