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Trends in additive manufacturing 2024

The year 2023 was once again characterized by change and growth in additive manufacturing – and 2024 promises to be just as exciting. But what can we expect? Here are the four trends that are likely to have the biggest impact in 2024, according to 3D printing company Materialise.

Two approaches to the adoption of 3D printing: Two clearly defined, coexisting approaches to how companies are adapting additive manufacturing are emerging.

The rise of the “middle class” of 3D printing: Previously, there was often only a choice between low-cost or high-end. Now a mid-range is establishing itself with machines in the mid-price segment for precisely this target group.

Change of perspective: “Why?” becomes “How?”: Companies are now aware of the benefits of 3D printing. They are no longer asking the fundamental question, but are instead focusing on how they can integrate the technology and scale up production.

Mass production meets 3D printing: is the dream becoming reality? Inspiring innovations in markets such as China, the USA and Germany are gradually making the costs of additive manufacturing as attractive as its benefits. Will 3D printing become a viable technology for mass production?

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