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trinckle 3D Launches 3D Printing Service “MeltWerk”

A lot of people are interested in 3D printing. A lot of people would love to try 3D printing, if it still weren’t for the relatively high entry-level prices. MeltWerk, a new 3D printing service, is here to change that.

With prices never seen before, you can save up to 85% compared to other 3D printing ­services. ­­Confident­ of ­their­ offer,­ they­ even give ­all­ customers ­a ­Europe-wide­ best ­price­ guarantee. MeltWerk’s service is based on technology from German 3D printing company trinckle 3D.

“3D printing promises to be the liberalization of manufacturing,” says trinckle 3D­CEO,­ Florian Reichle. “But with desktop 3D printers and regular 3D printing services still being expensive and complicated to use, this isn’t true for most of us just yet. With MeltWerk, we want ­to ­deliver­ on­ that­ promise.­ We­ want­ to­ make 3D­ printing ­affordable ­for ­everyone.”

That is why every MeltWerk purchase will come with a best price guarantee. If you – ­within­ 14­ days ­after ­your ­order­ – ­find­ a­ better offer ­from­ a ­competitor,­ you ­will­ get­ back­ the ­difference­ plus­ 1%.

In­ order­ to­ offer­ the­ best­ price­ possible,­ but­ still­ provide­ high industry­ level­ quality,­ the team of trinckle 3D streamlined all of their production processes. They developed sophisticated software for process automation, and they focused on what 90% of their customers already want: plain white Polyamide (PA12) prints using Selective Laser Sintering ( SLS ).

Due ­to­ the­ unique­ combination ­of­ quality­ and ­affordable ­prices, MeltWerk aims at various groups: architects, product designers, artists and model builders, as well as students, makers, kids, technophiles, and simply everyone, who wants to experience the fascination of 3D printing theirself.

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