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Two nominations for CRP Technology at TCT Awards 2024

CRP Technology has been nominated for the prestigious TCT Awards 2024 in two prestigious categories. The company’s contributions were recognized in the TCT Creative Application Award category for the production of the cat’s eye props in the Michael Mann film ‘Ferrari’. CRP’s Windform TPU used for this was also nominated in the TCT Materials Award category.

The nomination for the Creative Awards demonstrates how the additive manufacturing industry can push the boundaries of technology in film, theater, art, architecture and jewelry. The cat’s eye shows the possibilities at the intersection of cinema and technology and demonstrates CRP Technology’s responsiveness to the film team’s urgent schedules.

“These nominations underscore CRP Technology’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of 3D printing,” comments Franco Cevolini, CEO, and Technical Director of CRP Technology. “We are honored to receive this recognition and look forward to continuing to enhance the convergence of efficiency, high technology, and advanced materials.”

Made from Windform TPU, the cat’s eye props have exceptional elasticity, flexibility and impact resistance. With an elongation at break of over 400%, Windform TPU enabled the creation of a dynamic and lifelike cat’s eye prop for ‘Ferrari’. Its high impact resistance ensured the longevity and reliability of the prop, essential for the demanding conditions of film production. In addition, the soft texture of Windform TPU enhanced the tactile appeal of the prop, adding to its authenticity.

Additionally, CRP Technology’s partner company, CRP USA, was recognized for its collaboration with the University of Victoria Formula Racing Team. The team’s fluid collection tanks for Formula SAE, made from CRP Technology’s Windform SP carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite, earned a finalist position in the highly competitive TCT Automotive & Rail Application Award.

The TCT Awards 2024 finalists were selected from a pool of over 100 candidates representing a wide range of products and applications across 11 categories. The winners will be announced at the prestigious awards ceremony on June 5 at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham, UK. Since 2017, the TCT Awards have celebrated ongoing advances in additive manufacturing, running alongside the annual TCT 3Sixty event.

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