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VERASHAPE at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 Symposium

On February 4th-7th, 2018, the city of Los Angeles hosted the next edition of SOLIDWORKS World conference. Each year, the event gathers crowds of engineers, distributors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of SOLIDWORKS software from around the world every year. The conference is jam packed with presentations of innovative solutions, indispensable in today’s reality. Since 3D Printing technology is undoubtedly one of them, an entire session was dedicated solely to it. The Additive Manufacturing Symposium SWW 2018 was an excellent opportunity to discuss the development of additive technologies in which the VERASHAPE Management Board participated.

The theme of 3D Printing technology has been accompanying SOLIDWORKS World conferences for quite some time now. During last year’s edition, participants had the opportunity to get to know 3D Printing taking part in a whole series of trainings and lectures called The Additive Manufacturing learning path. The path lectures were delivered by SOLIDWORKS employees, partners and industry experts, who not only know the technology but have experience in implementing it into a product development process.

During this year’s edition of SOLIDWROKS World, participants interested in additive technologies had the chance to take part in a series of lectures forming Additive Manufacturing Symposium. Among the speakers, representatives of the scientific world and industry experts, the representatives of VERASHAPE were also present. The company was represented by the CEO Tomasz Szymański and VSHAPER Product Manager Marcin Szymański.

In addition to the topics related to FFF technology, the discussion also touched upon issues of metal 3D Printing, additive manufacturing in relation to production using CNC machines, as well as current and future applications of 3D Printers.

More information on SOLIDWORKS World 2018 on: https://live.solidworks.com/

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Verashape A producer of 3D VSHAPER industrial printers, characterized by patented technological solutions. Mostly valued in automotive, foundry, aerospace and medical industry as well as the production of injection molds, research institutes, higher education and design. Customers worldwide are interested in the printers, especially Germany, USA, Italy and Korea. Apart from the models on standard offer Verashape also provides custom made printers. Currently Verashape team is working on a project called ‘Globally innovative additive printer’ subsidized by The National Centre for Research and Development 2014-2020 creating a new model of 3D printer. The aim of the project is to enhance FFF (fused filament fabrication) printing technology.