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Veterinary Cancer Treatment Using 3D Prints

Being in the 3D printing industry, I’ve become accustomed to consistently having my mind blown with new applications of the technology. Even so, it never gets old. It’s my favorite part of working in this space: seeing how this tool enables such a wide variety of people to make their ideas into reality, cheaper, easier, and faster than any other method would allow.

This particular story comes from the Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine. Radiation Oncologist and Clinical Associate Professor Michael Deveau got a Gigabot for an out-of-the-box cancer treatment idea he had in mind for one particular patient. The printer has now become a staple among different departments, aiding surgeons in pre-operative planning, affording researchers the ability to conduct otherwise prohibitively-priced studies, and training the students and future vets on campus.
Read the original story and watch the videos on the re:3D blog:

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