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Volkmann presents vHub 250 metal powder storage system

At this year’s RAPID + TCT show (June 25-27 in Los Angeles), Volkmann USA will present its new vHub 250 solution for the storage of metal powders for 3D printing.

The system serves as a flexible buffer storage for material supply before and powder collection after the printing process. The 250-liter stainless steel container can simultaneously supply up to six 3D printers with powder and collect excess material once the build is complete.

The collected metal powder can be sieved and temporarily stored in the vHub 250 or fed directly to the printer for reprocessing. The integrated vacuum conveyor from Volkmann ensures that the powder transfer is dust-free and smooth. The system is ATEX-certified for use with potentially explosive powders and can be dismantled for cleaning without tools. The footprint is less than one square meter.

According to the manufacturer, the vHub 250 is suitable for handling various metallic powders such as tungsten, cobalt, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, copper and titanium both under normal pressure and in an inert gas atmosphere.

In addition to operation as a stand-alone unit, integration into closed material cycles is also possible. Volkmann thus promises a universally applicable solution for powder preparation for different 3D printing systems and materials.

The vHub 250 complements the product portfolio of the US supplier of additive manufacturing systems, which already includes the PowTReX powder preparation system for metal printing. Prices and availability have not yet been communicated.

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