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VoxelDance boosts industrial 3D printing productivity with Voxeldance Additive 4.0

AM software provider VoxelDance announced the upcoming release of Voxeldance Additive 4.0, the latest version of its All-in-One AM build preparation software, a major move on its mission to help businesses boost productivity with AM industrial applications.

“After listening to the needs of clients from 9+ verticals, including aerospace, medical, automotive, mold, footwear, dental, education, jewelry, prototype, etc., we introduced more exciting new features and further optimized the algorithm,” says Chaoxin Zhang, CEO at VoxelDance. “VDA 4.0 fully supports SLM, SLA, SLS printing technologies and is a milestone for industrial applications.”

Feature highlights of Voxeldance Additive 4.0 include:

  • Shrink Wrap

The new shrink wrap feature in VDA 4.0 can accurately calculate and wrap a layer around the part while ignoring its inner details. It’s widely used in architecture, automotive, dental, etc., where the data can have very complex errors, and can’t be automatically fixed.

  • Mesh Smooth

A topology-based mesh or scan data may have sharp detail issues, leading to stress concentration and poor print quality. The mesh smooth feature in VDA 4.0 can help remove sharp details and return a more appealing geometry for printing.

  • Tree support

Tree support saves more material compared to others like bar support. And it works even better on models with higher support structures. This support type is widely used in 3D printing of dental crown, RPD, jewelry, etc.

  • Web support

Web support is a radial structured support type. In SLM printing, web support can better constrain the shrinkage of ring-shaped surfaces and prevent part deformation, compared to volume support and other support types.

  • Border reinforcement

In SLM printing, especially that of large parts, the volume support often cracks at the base edges, resulting in parts overly deformed and unusable.

Border reinforcement helps provide stronger support restraint, ensuring that the part is held stable on the base plate prior to stress relief annealing, thereby improving print success rate.

  • BP Special Volume

For parts with thin walls, sharp details, or lattice structures, it’s often required to apply a more precise laser power control in these sub-areas, to avoid problems such as overburning, bulging, and severe powder adhesion.

The new BP special volume feature in VDA 4.0 allows users to assign special volume, and configure different laser scanning strategies where it intersects the part. As a result, the print quality will be further improved in rich-detailed sub-areas.

Voxeldance Additive 4.0 will be released in October this year. You can now apply for free trial here.

Find out more aobut VoxelDance at voxeldance.com.

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