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Xact Metal and 3Dees Industries expand access to metal 3D printing in Eastern Europe

Xact Metal has announced a strategic partnership with 3Dees Industries to expand access to affordable metal 3D printing in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.

“We are pleased to partner with 3Dees Industries to deepen our activities in Czechia, strengthen our connections in Slovakia, and further expand access to affordable metal 3D printing in Ukraine for the first time,” said Juan Mario Gomez, CEO of Xact Metal. “We also see a great advantage in 3Dees Industries’ presence at the Technical University of Košice, which allows Xact Metal to connect with the Slovak academic and research community. The 3Dees Industries team has extensive experience with 3D technologies and we are confident in their ability to provide Xact Metal customers with strong customer support.”

Xact Metal’s technology complements traditional manufacturing processes with versatile and powerful metal 3D printers. At the center of this initiative is the XM200G, which is known for its configurability and compact design. This technology is particularly important for industries that require complex and precise components, such as the automotive, aerospace, defense and healthcare industries. With a lower price point compared to other metal 3D printing systems, Xact Metal makes the technology accessible to small to medium sized companies.

The partnership between Xact Metal and 3Dees Industries brings laser powder bed fusion technology to these regions, enabling the production of parts with complex geometries and smooth surfaces from a variety of materials. This collaboration offers a cost-effective solution for industrial applications, improving production capacity and precision.

3Dees Industries will provide comprehensive support and services to Xact Metal customers in the region as part of this partnership. This includes access to an additive manufacturing technology center equipped with the XM200G 3D printer. Here, customers can explore specific applications and receive expert guidance from application engineers.

Daniel Adam, CEO at 3Dees Industries, added, “Our new partnership with Xact Metal takes us to the next level in 3D printing. Their technology allows us to offer customers solutions that are faster, more accurate, and above all, more economically accessible.”

This strategic collaboration represents a significant step in the spread and accessibility of advanced metal 3D printing solutions in Eastern Europe. It strengthens the production capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises and promotes technological development in these regions.

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