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Xerox Presents Colour Printer To Print On Objects

Xerox presents the Xerox Direct to Inkjet Printer, a printer which is capable of printing direct on objects.

With the new printer from Xerox it is possible to print on three dimensional hero-640x440objects. During the presentation the printer was used to print directly on a metal bottle. The bottle was held by a individualised tool, 3D printing that tool comes to mind.

This process could potentially be used to colourise your 3D prints for a small batch or additive manufacturing.

Brendan Casey, Vice President at Xerox Engineering Services:

“This innovation opens up a path for creating customized products instantly at a time when the consumer’s appetite is all about personalization. Imagine a sports fan coming home from a game with a helmet or ball that was personalized right at the stadium, or a retailer offering on-demand personalization on hundreds of different store items.”

The Xerox Direct to Inkjet Printer uses flexible printheads, works with inks like solvent, aqueous and UV colours and prints details up to 1.200dpi.

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