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YouTuber 3D prints water motor and publishes building instructions

British YouTuber Robert Murray-Smith has presented a DIY mini hydropower plant based entirely on 3D printing. At the center is a kind of Pelton turbine that is driven by water pressure. The design is available as a free template.

According to Murray-Smith, such hydropower plants are in principle very suitable for use as a drive or power generator, for example in household appliances. Such concepts already existed in the late 19th century. Thanks to advances in additive manufacturing, a renaissance of this technology is now possible.

His 3D-printed model primarily consists of five parts: the turbine wheel, the housing, two bearings and a bracket. The components are simply plugged together, a hose is connected and the wheel starts turning. According to Murray-Smith, the decisive factor for performance is the water pressure.

In initial tests with a garden hose, the turbine achieved a remarkable speed. However, the inventor still sees potential for improvement in his proof-of-concept. For example, the geometry of the nozzles used to direct the water onto the blades could be optimized.

In principle, Murray-Smith believes that the combination of digital design and 3D printing is ideal for reviving historical concepts such as the Pelton turbine. The ability to easily produce and adapt your own components opens up plenty of scope for experimentation. His 3D model can be downloaded free of charge from the Thingiverse portal.

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