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YouTuber presents cable-based 3D printer in Delta design

Classic Cartesian 3D printers and deltas with rigid joints are very common. YouTuber “Diffraction Limited” has now broken new ground with its identical model: it relies on a cable-driven design without rigid parts.

The special feature is the direct control of the print head via cable pulls, which are guided via pulleys and cable tensioners. The latter decouple the necessary basic tension from the actual drive force. This means that the motors only have to generate the movement, but not maintain the cable tension.

According to the designer, this ensures a very dynamic, lightweight design. In fact, the video clearly shows how quickly and precisely the Delta robot moves back and forth. The high accelerations apparently enable a faster printing speed.

The disadvantage of the solution is the more complex calibration compared to rigid systems. Cable wear also becomes noticeable more quickly. Nevertheless, the YouTuber was able to use the printer for several years. He sees advantages especially for larger formats, where cable drives can be more cost-effective than rigid frames.

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