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YouTuber shows simple method for more robust 3D prints

YouTuber Mike from the channel “NeedItMakeIt” tested 3D-printed brackets for their breaking strength. Mike had produced the parts for a friend. During the first load test, however, one of the plastic brackets promptly broke.

In his video, Mike systematically analyzes weak points in the printed part design. Similar to wood, he differentiates between “layer impact directions”, which influence load-bearing capacity and breakage behavior in a similar way to wood grains.

Using variants of the original model, Mike tested specific reinforcements such as continuous struts or angled areas. Using a 3D printing process, he even added a pre-formed curvature using heat, but this tended to weaken the breaking strength.

In a direct load test with attached weights, the simplest version with a continuous double strut lasted the longest. At 30 kg, it even clearly outperformed the original model, which broke at just 20 kg.

According to Mike, the test provided important insights into factors influencing the 3D printing of stabilizing components. Overall, he emphasizes that the simplest solution is often the best. He has made his favourite design available for download as a remix. The original model is also available as a free download from Thingiverse.

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