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Zortrax Prints Functional Industrial Robot

Dancing robots by Zortrax – beautiful, functional, 3D printed KUKA inspired machines. Zortrax has built these robots using its flagship 3D printer model – Zortrax M200 and most durable Z-ULTRAT filament!

This KUKA inspired robot was built with independent mechanic system and open-sourced firmware. Zortrax specialists used G code – normalized programming language for writing CNC machine commands (used in numerical milling machines as well as 3D printers). This 3 axis robot is a modular construction assembled of 18 different parts – all 3D printed of Z-ULTRAT filament on Zortrax M200. The head is replaceable by another gripper or electromagnet. The rotation around the vertical axis is possible thanks to 3D printed longitudinal bearing – robot can rotate 360°. This kind of machine is normally used for welding, sorting or even painting. This machines is a complete and fully functional industrial prototype.


Robots are amazingly functional – they work like a small version of KUKA. Of course, it is only a prototype and it’s dedicated for manufacturers.

3D printing is an alternative for expensive Injection Molding Technology used in industry and mechanics. Build a prototype using 3D printer is several times cheaper than with Molding Technology. On Zortrax M200 you can 3D print functional prototypes saving thousands of dollars.

Layer Plastic Deposition or FFF technology together with dedicated software and firmware allows for such precise elements as bearings to be printed. In 2015 Zortrax will release machine 3D printing with better accuracy using new technology. It will take industry to the next level.

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