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SLA Printer Repair – ReCoat Kit by DruckWege on Kickstarter

Most of the common SLA printers, use similar basic principles during the actual print process: UV light induces the defined polymerization process on photoactive resins, either emitted from laser diodes or projectos (dlp). Between the actual vat, that contains the resin, and the model, deposition layers of transparent silicone is commonly used to allow a defined space and smooth detachment for the object. Further physical requirements for such deposition layer is the degree of light transmission, resistance against peel forces and durability to the impact of UV radiation.

Accordingly, such layers age over time with each individual print process under the influence of light induced degradation. The layer starts to brittle and looses slowly the light permeability at affected spots. In consequence, print qualities suffer.

However, the resin vats are core components of your SLA printer. The deposition layer remarks to be affected in mid-term perspective. A replacement with a similar durable equivalent allows a refurbishment of the operational resin vat. This safes time and expenses as a new vat is crucial cost driver for ambitious printer companies and service providers.

As various materials are offered in major charges (big buckets) to be purchased at companies with focus chemicals, the access to such materials is mostly denied to non-industry end-user consumers. To generate a reliable product to be ready for DIY repairs of SLA printers, we developed the ReCoat Kit, as currently displayed on kickstarter:

As we monitored many talks on the open channels of the 3D printing scene, we would be glad to bring our idea on ReCoat closer to the consumer and into the talks of experts. Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

This is a guest post by 3D Printing Company DruckWege.

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